Paleo Equals Color

Paleo FoodIt’s been just more than three weeks since we started eating Paleo style. The first thing I noticed is how much more fruit we consume. I can, 1000 percent say:  we were not eating enough fruit! Look how colorful this is! And this picture doesn’t even show the greens we had in the refrigerator: broccoli, kale, Mexican squash, brussels sprouts, salad, carrots, cabbage…

We’ve also been buying high quality meats and fish from the better supermarkets and local stores. It’s not cheap to eat this way, that’s for sure! But the food on our plate is so alive!

The best part of this way of eating is that (with a lot of cardio) we are both losing weight. I have also found that I rarely crave anything sweet because fresh fruit is acceptable. Hello fresh pineapple!!!

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