Grandpa’s Spice List

This SeptGrandpa's Spice Listember marks 6 years since my grandfather on my dad’s side passed away. I believe I got my love of cooking and serving people what they like to eat, from him.

For a time as a child I lived with my grandparents. And every night before I went to bed my grandpa would ask me what I wanted for breakfast. I usually wanted Malt-O-Meal or Orsi Bakery toast. I think I probably walked straight from my bed into the kitchen every morning and breakfast was always there.

The house my grandpa and grandma lived in is still in our family. Recently I was there perusing the cabinets and found my grandpa’s spice list, still taped to the inside of the cabinet. It is dated 5-19-90, more than 22 years ago, older than my brother.

When my husband saw it, he said, “48 cans of tomato paste and 48 cans of tomato sauce… think he’s Italian?”

Miss you grandpa.

Grandpa Charlie

Grandpa Charlie