Hot Fudge Sundae

My husband and I enjoyed a night with my co-workers for my company’s annual holiday party. It was fun! They had casino night set up, raffle, etc. I won a bottle of ONEHOPE 2009 Sauvignon Blanc. I had it before so I wasn’t disappointed in my win!

Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy

Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy

Afterward, we went out with my work “brother” (we all have that co-worker who we affectionately refer to as a family member) and his fianc√©e. They live in Orange County so since they were out-of-town folk, we took them to Extraordinary Desserts in Little Italy, San Diego.

My husband and I both said that the next time we go we are going to get the hot fudge sundae. And we did! The menu describes it as: Very Vanilla Bean ice cream, brownie chunks with nuts, warm housemade chocolate ganache, and whipped cream. It is SO good! And more than enough for two people.

I also had my favorite tea: Rooibos Bourbon. I can’t find the tea for sale on the Extraordinary Desserts online store but this is probably the same or very similar. It is such a smooth, luxurious tea! Love it!

If you live in San Diego, Extraordinary Desserts is a great place to go and if you have friends in town, take them here!