Spanish September

Spanish Food

Spanish September

September marked a lovely cooking experience! It was our month to make dinner and we chose Spain as the country from which we made recipes. These are the recipes we used, and of them, the Patatas Bravas and Berenjena con Vinagreta (eggplant topped with tomato vinaigrette) were our favorites.


Patatas Bravas
Berenjena con Vinagreta

Ensalada de Melon Chorizo y Alcachofa

Simple Seafood Paella

Yellow Tomato Gazpacho

Bizcochos Borrachos

Monthly Dinners

Beginning in January 2010, my husband and I began a monthly dinner night with another couple we’ve known for years. The rules for 2010 are:

  1. Each month had to have theme beginning with the first letter of the month corresponding to a country, e.g. Jamaican January.
  2. The couple who is hosting must do all the cooking from scratch.

It is almost December 2010 and I wish I had started this blog earlier because I would have liked to keep track of all the recipes we made! I may just go back and add them, as I think most of them are in my husbands bookmarks folder. Here’s what we did for 2010:

  • Jamaican January
  • French February
  • Moroccan March
  • Armenian April
  • Mexican May
  • Japanese June
  • Jordanian July
  • Argentinian August
  • Spanish September
  • Italian October (Oman is the only country beginning with “O” and all of us decided it was time to break a rule.)
  • Nepalese November (We broke another rule here and ordered take out. It was amazing!)
  • December – because the holidays are so busy, we took this month off.